recognition awards

We are committed to making a difference in our world.
You can depend on us to be innovative leaders
in creating distinctively unique recognition awards as well
as marketing and motivational awareness materials.
We provide support materials for organizations making an effort to have
a better, safer and more successful environment. Our Roots go back 45 years.
We’re involved with business related initiatives that are common and uncommon.


Our purpose goes beyond providing you quality awards and event support materials. Yes, we do that… but more importantly, your call to us is because you want something special created for persons deserving of extra thought and attention. Our purpose is that the products and services we provide make a difference in your world and for you.

Acknowledgement is the single most motivating factor in building employee, customer and supplier relationships. Our creative team has a long history and a reputation for helping clients create truly unique awards that get proudly shared with family and friends.  We love what we do because it makes a difference.

A well designed custom recognition award will convey your message of thoughtfulness, acknowledgement and appreciation so that the award celebration resonates with the presenters, the recipients and everyone else that played a part.

Organizations who want to encourage and empower their employees, customers and students to participate in solutions have been choosing for 45 years because...

  • We take our role seriously and offer personalized solutions to each client.
  • Our team will help you create a long term employee culture in the areas you're wanting to excel in.
  • The resources we have allow us to offer alternative solutions that meet unique needs within an organization's budget.
  • Our one stop shop allows us to learn your needs and offers consistent advice that can keep you on track from one period to another. There are no contracts to sign, our work will keep you coming back.
    • A track record of long term relationships with clients covering decades of continuous business gives us experience you will benefit by. You can start with us now.


Our Vision, Mission and Principles

Vision: The Awardsideas Team... inspiring joyful contribution to all people.
The Awardsideas Team is an organization where people grow into their potential and make a difference in the fulfillment of our client's and their organization's goals.
Worldwide clients will see the Awareness Team as their most logical resource.
Mission: The Awardsideas Team applies their expanding skills to provide quality products and services that delight our clients, enabling our clients to communicate successfully with their customers, prospects and employees.
Our sales reps see the Awardsideas Team as the most supportive, best in our chosen niche markets and a great opportunity and value for their clients.
Awardsideas Team leadership is all over the place, born from each of us having a commitment to discover what's the best we can be. The Awardsideas Team is committed to improving the economic well being and quality of life for all our stakeholders.
Principles: In an atmosphere of dignity, cooperation and commitment to excellence, we will be counting on each other to provide clients and each other with:
* Sensitivity to the needs of all people involved.
* Encouragement to set, and mutual support to reach... individual, team and company goals.
* Open and honest communications that focus on support of our goals.
* Internal and external customer service that is timely and cost effective.
* Integrity in everything we do.


What is your Event/Activity planner program?

We designed a program you can use to itemize and track all the individual activities that need to be managed to make your events a final success.


The program allows you to track many of the sub projects needed to be accomplished for that activity: Like: Goal & purpose, Event date, Location, Theme, People involved, Entertainment being considered, Speakers, Menu, Awards, Gifts, Mementos, Displays, Decorations, Parking, etc. For instance there is space for you to indicate food vendors you’re requesting info from, the final vendor and contract completed date, etc. Here is an example:




Q. Why use this program?
A. Because having your projects organized will make everything go easier, faster, less hassles, less stress, less problems.

Q. How does it work?
A. Create an account to save and compare products you wish to be reminded of.
Create and name an event for each project you want manage. You can have several different events named and keep them for future needs. Create as many events as you need. You can delete them at will.

Q. What is the end results of using this program?
A. Having a planning program will help you succeed and if we help you succeed…. we succeed. We’re all about fully supporting our clients and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Q. Can the program be printed and used in committee meetings?
A. Yes