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Crystal-1000 Custom Crystal Three Piece Award

The teams that won this crystal games award said this is the nicest and most professional gamer award they had ever seen. This award celebrates and acknowledges the multiple ways the team excelled in their efforts to win. Did your team accomplish several monuments and tasks? Any Award components can be built into your next award to make it undue.

Made for our event planners, this award above features 3D internal etching of a dragon, a fully etched globe and an actual winning card that is embedded within Lucite layers to represent various levels of skill the champions needed. This smaller 3rd place trophy still conveys the appreciation of the hard work the team did. The rectangular shapes proudly displays the names and event. The globe shows just how far this team went to win. There are so many different ways to personalize this award, let our creative team to explore the many options shown here with you.

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