Custom Recognition Walls


At awardsideas we create wonderful and attractive walls of recognition, donor walls, and conference room displays. These products are typically featured in lobbies and prominent hallways to honor people who have donated money and or appreciate other key people in an organization or community.

Our creative team will discuss various options with you to determine your recognition wall needs and will create totally personalized recognition and donor walls for you by providing creative ideas. Refer to the examples below that we have done in the past.

They range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Our experience and resources have allowed us to work with you to create the right type of appreciation wall that is fully tailored to your particular environment. We are making a significant and positive difference in the lives of people in need with donor recognition walls and donor engagement systems.

Clients love our fabrication capabilities and the high quality we produce. We can closely duplicate any of the walls below or change them to suit your needs.


  • Idea-1

  • Idea-5

  • Idea-10

  • Idea-15

  • Idea-20

  • Idea-25

  • Idea-30

  • Idea-35

  • Idea-40

  • Idea-45

  • Idea-50

  • Idea-55

  • Idea-60

  • Idea-65

  • Idea-70

  • Idea-75

  • Idea-80



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