Frequently Asked Questions

Flexi Promotional Marketing is a marketing and promotions company that has two divisions. specializes in recognition and awards and support materials. specializes in employee awareness visual aids and promotional marketing products. We focus on helping clients create engagement and enrollment of employees and customers into organizational initiatives and goals. The products you purchase from us will be well thought out and design branded to be memorable.

We designed a program you can use to itemize and track all the individual activities that need to be managed to make your events a final success.

The program allows you to track many of the sub projects needed to be accomplished for that activity: Like: Goal & purpose, Event date, Location, Theme, People involved, Entertainment being considered, Speakers, Menu, Awards, Gifts, Mementos, Displays, Decorations, Parking, etc. For instance there is space for you to indicate food vendors you’re requesting info from, the final vendor and contract completed date, etc. Here is example

( Example)

Q. Why use this program?
A. Because having your projects organized will make everything go easier, faster, less hassles, less stress, less problems.

Q. How does it work?
A. Create an account to save and compare products you wish to be reminded of.
Create and name an event for each project you want manage. You can have several different events named and keep them for future needs. Create as many events as you need. You can delete them at will.

Q. What is the end results of using this program?
A. Having a planning program will help you succeed and if we help you succeed…. we succeed. We’re all about fully supporting our clients and the goals you are trying to accomplish.

Q. Can the program be printed and used in committee meetings?
A. Yes

Whether you’re looking for great selection, unrivaled customer support, competitive prices or creative input, you’ve found it in us. We go the extra mile to satisfy all of your needs, before, during and after your award is presented to your recipient.

Absolutely! We’re a company with a hands-on approach. You can request to talk to the representative of your choice. Your creative team will work with you on your projects and you can keep working with your team of choice so that continuity of thought keeps your projects going smoothly.

We work with many of the major companies in the finance, auto, aerospace, retail, pharmaceutical, hospitals, schools and universities, agricultural, and most of the government and military sectors. We’re proud that clients once dealing with us… keep on dealing with us.

Being a marketing and design company that deals in many aspects of employee awareness and employee motivation, we realized the value in providing awards that really create a feeling and provide a message to the recipient that they are appreciated. Our customers feel assured that any award they choose will be designed to stand out in a crowd and their recipient will be proud.

Phone calls get answered quickly during customer service hours. We put the person in personalized service! Emails are responded to quickly. Orders placed in our cart are responded to by either phone or email quickly.

8:30 am to 5:30pm EST Monday through Friday

As a company, we’ve been producing awards for over 30 years.

You sure can. The online ordering system is available 24 hours/day. You can also email us with your orders 24 hours/day. You may also call any time during customer service hours. After hours, leave a message and we’ll get back to you quickly. Messages are often checked after hours.