Award Emblem Piece Construction (2 ) and (1 )

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1Use my artwork that I will attach when placing order in cart or in a separate e-mail.

Call us to discuss art type and sizing format needed. If your art has more colors than the design shown, there may be a price difference. We will let you know right away.

2 We want you to create a new custom design for us Let's talk. Call us at 800-875-1725

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Award Emblem Piece Construction (2 ) and (1 )


This production house specializes in the highest quality die casting and die striking and will give you the highest level of quality in metals and craftsperson ship. Here we can use real gold, silver and platinum metals as well as brass, bronze, copper, zinc, etc.

These products are all customized to your needs.

This product style has to be quoted based on specific art.

Award emblems. "Someone said that finishing second is nothing short of disaster. Our clients believe that. We believe that. And that's part of why we both agree that quality custom jewelry is the perfect way for a company to inspire and reward a winner."
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