Misc-1400 Custom Lucite Impossible Dream Award

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1Use my artwork that I will attach when placing order in cart or in a separate e-mail.

Call us to discuss art type and sizing format needed. If your art has more colors than the design shown, there may be a price difference. We will let you know right away.

2 We want you to create a new custom design for us Let's talk. Call us at 800-875-1725

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Misc-1400 Custom Lucite Impossible Dream Award

This is a customized product so call for pricing
This is a customized product and needs to be priced based on your individual needs.
Contact Number: 800-875-1725 Email : info@flexipromo-awards.com

Custom Lucite award with embedment.


Set Up Charge:

When you want a photographic look, either (four color process printing /silk screening) or (digital printing) is used. Silkscreening has a larger set-up cost. A lot of products allow for digital printing which cost more but then there is no set-up cost. There are pluses and minuses in every project that we’ll discuss with you so you can make a good decision.

We do everything we can to keep charges to a minimum while providing you the very best end results... Call us, our experience will make it easy.

Product Design Efforts:

Because of all the options, if there are costs not shown like additional Printing charges, we will call you quickly.

Custom Lucite award with embedment.
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