Promote your company initiatives and goals with an employee awareness program.

Besides our beautiful recognition awards, we also offer ideas, programs and products that
support the whole process of encouraging your team to take the steps they need towards reaching successful goals.

Call us to discuss your goals plan.

Goal achievement requires:

  • Recognition of what is to change
  • A goal or accomplishment to achieve
  • An invitation to participate in the initiative
  • Kick-off date
  • Support materials

We design and produce support materials to help you:

  • Remind people of your goal
  • Explain what is at stake
  • Measure progress
  • Encourage persistence
  • Promote a recognition ceremony

Here are two typical recognition programs with product ideas that are often included:

Start with corporate banners and posters describing the goal and setting a completion date.

Incorporate posters promoting goals, awareness, quality and setting a completion date.

Have a simple fold over brochure with information pertaining to the goal.


Use inexpensive token gifts with a themed logo promoting involvement and a strong effort.

Use our portable display with monitor in lobbies, break areas and conference rooms to promote your program and award event.

And of course... Your beautiful AwardsIdeas awards!