Lapel Pins / Pendants

Not all lapel pins are the same. We use a variety of methods and materials to make custom lapel pins. They can be die struck, cast, or laser etched and fabricated using many different types of metals. We can use copper, brass, zinc, stainless and some are made of plastics if for really inexpensive giveaway. We help you decide what style is best for your need.

These corporate lapel pins can be custom shaped and the image embossed or debossed. Colors can be included. We use soft enamel or hard enamel depending on your use. We can add diamond or colored glass chips. Our customers love the wide customization options that we can offer them. Depending on your planned use and budget, we’ll make recommendations to give you the optimal product.

Our graphics team does a great job working with you to give your lapel pin its very best look so your recipients feel proud to wear it. The best way to work with us is to brainstorm. The ideas will flow.

We make your ideas come to life!

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Sorry, we do not have any stock awards in this shape. Call us and we can discuss creating a custom award for you.

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