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Thesaurus Of Award Terms

Accomplishment:, Ability, Achievement, Attainment, Capability, Deed, Effort, Feat, Finish, Fulfillment, Performance, Production, Proficiency, Realization, Skill, Talent, Triumph

Achievement: Ability, Accomplishment, Attainment, Capability, Deed, Effort, Feat, Finish, Fulfillment, Performance, Production, Proficiency, Realization, Skill, Talent, Triumph

Appreciation: Acknowledgment, Gratefulness, Gratitude, Indebtedness, Obligation, Recognition, Testimonial, Thanks, Tribute

Best: Ace, Beyond Compare, Capital, Champion, Chief, Choicest, Culminating, Finest, First, First-Class, First-Rate, Foremost, Greatest, Highest, Incomparable, Leading, Matchless, Number 1, Optimum, Outstanding, Paramount, Peerless, Perfect, Preeminent, Premium, Prime, Primo, Principal, Second To None, Super, Superlative, Supreme, Terrific, Tops, Transcendent, Unequaled, Unparalleled, Unrivaled, Unsurpassed

Commend: Acclaim, Accredit, Advocate, Applaud, Approve, Boost, Build, Build Up, Compliment, Countenance, Endorse, Extol, Gold Star, Hail, Hand It To, Hats Off To, Hear It For, Laud, Pat On The Back, Speak Highly Of, Support

Contribution: A Hand, Addition, Augmentation, Benefaction, Beneficence, Bestowal, Charity, Do One's Part, Donation, Gifting, Grant, Handout, Helping Hand, Improvement, Increase, Input, Present, Significant Addition, Subscription, Supplement

Cooperation: Aid, Alliance, Assistance, Coaction, Coalition, Collaboration, Combination, Combined Effort, Communion, Company, Concert, Concurrence, Confederacy, Confederation, Conspiracy, Doing Business With, Esprit De Corps, Federation, Fusion, Give-And-Take, Harmony, Help, Helpfulness, Participation, Partisanship, Partnership, Playing Ball, Reciprocity, Responsiveness, Service, Society, Symbiosis, Synergism, Synergy, Teaming, Teamwork, Unanimity, Union, Unity

Dedication: Adherence, Allegiance, Commitment, Devotedness, Devotion, Single-Mindedness, Wholeheartedness

Dependable: Always There, Carrying The Load, Certain, Constant, Faithful, Good As One's Word, Loyal, Rocklike, Secure, Stable, Staunch, Steadfast, Steady, Sturdy, Sure, To Be Counted On, Tried, Tried-And-True, True, Trustworthy, Trusty, Unfailing

Determination: Assurance, Backbone, Boldness, Bravery, Certainty, Certitude, Constancy, Conviction, Courage, Dauntlessness, Decision, Dedication, Doggedness, Dogmatism, Drive, Energy, Fearlessness, Firm-Ness, Fortitude, Grit, Guts, Hardihood, Heart, Independence, Indomitability, Intrepidity, Nerve, Obstinacy, Persistence, Pluck, Purpose, Purposefulness, Resoluteness, Resolution, Resolve, Self-Confidence, Single-Mindedness, Spine, Spunk, Steadfastness, Stiff Upper Lip, Stubbornness, Tenacity, Valor, Willpower

Develop: Advance, Age, Enroot, Establish, Evolve, Expand, Flourish, Foster, Grow, Maturate, Mature, Mellow, Progress, Promote, Ripen, Thrive

Distinguished: Acclaimed, Aristocratic, Arresting, Big Name, Brilliant, Celebrated, Conspicuous, Dignified, Eminent, Especial, Esteemed, Extraordinary, Famed, Foremost, Glorious, Great, Highly Regarded, Honored, Illustrious, Imposing, Marked, Memorable, Name, Noble, Nonpareil, Notable, Noted, Noteworthy, Peerless, Prominent, Remarkable, Renowned, Reputable, Royal, Salient, Shining, Singular, Special, Stately, Striking, Superior, Talked Of, Unforgettable, Venerable, Well-Known

Effort: Accomplishment, Achievement, Act, Aim, Application, Aspiration, Creation, Deed, Discipline, Drill, Endeavor, Energy, Enterprise, Essay, Exercise, Feat, Industry, Intention, Power, Product, Production, Purpose, Push, Resolution, Training, Undertaking, Venture

Excellence: Class, Distinction, Eminence, Excellency, Fineness, Goodness, Greatness, High Quality, Merit, Perfection, Purity, Quality, Superbness, Supremacy, Transcendence, Virtue, Worth

Guidance: Advice, Auspices, Conduct, Conduction, Control, Conveyance, Direction, Government, Help, Instruction, Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Navigation, Supervision, Teaching

Happy: Blessed, Blest, Blissful, Blithe, Captivated, Cheerful, Chipper, Chirpy, Content, Contented, Convivial, Delighted, Ecstatic, Elated, Exultant, Flying High, Gay, Glad, Gleeful, Gratified, Jolly, Joyful, Joyous, Jubilant, Laughing, Light, Lively, Looking Good, Merry, Mirthful, On Cloud Nine, Overjoyed, Peaceful, Peppy, Perky, Playful, Pleasant, Pleased, Sparkling, Sunny, Thrilled, Tickled, Tickled Pink, Up, Upbeat, Walking On Air

Kindness: Affection, Altruism, Amiability, Beneficence, Benevolence, Charity, Clemency, Consideration, Cordiality, Courtesy, Decency, Delicacy, Fellow Feeling, Forbearance, Gentleness, Good Intention, Good Will, Goodness, Grace, Graciousness, Heart, Helpfulness, Hospitality, Humanity, Indulgence, Kindliness, Magnanimity, Mildness, Patience, Philanthropy, Serviceability, Solicitousness, Solicitude, Sweetness, Sympathy, Tact, Tenderness, Thoughtfulness, Tolerance, Understanding, Unselfishness

Leadership: Administration, Authority, Capacity, Command, Conduction, Control, Conveyance, Direction, Directorship, Domination, Foresight, Hegemony, Influence, Initiative, Management, Pilotage, Power, Preeminence, Primacy, Skill, Superintendency, Superiority, Supremacy, Sway

Noble: Gentle, Imperial, Kingly, Patrician, Queenly, Titled, Wellborn

Outstanding: A-1, Ace, A-Number-1, Boss, Capital, Celebrated, Chief, Cool, Distinguished, Dominant, Eminent, Eventful, Exceptional, Famous, Far-Out, Great, Greatest, Hundred-Proof, Important, Impressive, Magnificent, Main, Major, Meritorious, Momentous, Mostest, Number One, Out-Of-Sight, Out-Of-This-World, Phenomenal, Predominant, Preeminent, Primo, Principal, Special, Standout, Star, Steller, Super, Superior, Superlative, Tops, Well-Known, World-Class

Patience: Backbone, Bearing, Calmness, Composure, Constancy, Cool, Diligence, Endurance, Equanimity, Forbearance, Fortitude, Grit, Guts, Gutsiness, Heart, Humility, Imperturbability, Longanimity, Moderation, Moxie, Nonresistance, Passiveness, Passivity, Perseverance, Persistence, Poise, Resignation, Restraint, Self-Control, Serenity, Starch, Stoicism, Tolerance, Yielding

Praise: Acclaim, Acclamation, Accolade, Applause, Appreciation, Approbation, Approval, Big Hand, Boost, Bravo, Celebration, Cheer, Cheering, Citation, Commendation, Compliment, Cry, Devotion, Encomium, Esteem, Eulogy, Exaltation, Extolment, Flattery, Glorification, Glory, Good Word, Homage, Hurrah, Hymn, Kudos, Laudation, Obeisance, Ovation, Panegyric, Pat On The Back, Plaudit, Puff, Rave, Recognition, Recommendation, Regard, Sycophancy, Thanks, Tribute, Worship

Present: Acquaint, Adduce, Advance, Allege, Cite, Declare, Display, Do, Do The Honors, Exhibit, Expose, Expound, Extend, Fix Up, Get Together, Give, Give An Introduction, Hold Out, Imply, Infer, Intimate, Lay, Make A Pitch, Make Known, Manifest, Mount, Offer, Open To View, Perform, Pitch, Pose, Produce, Proffer, Proposition, Put Forward, Put On, Raise, Recount, Relate, Roll Out, Show, Stage, State, Submit, Suggest, Tender, Trot Out

Profit: Accumulation, Acquisition, Advancement, Advantage, Aggrandizement, Augmentation, Avail, Benefit, Bottom Line, Cleanup, Earnings, Emoluments, Gate, Goods, Gravy, Gross, Harvest, Income, Interest, Lucre, Net, Output, Outturn, Percentage, Proceeds, Product, Production, Receipt, Receipts, Remuneration, Return, Revenue, Saving, Skim, Split, Surplus, Take, Takings, Turnout, Use, Value, Velvet, Winnings, Yield

Promote: Advertise, Advocate, Aid, Assist, Avail, Back, Befriend, Benefit, Bolster, Boost, Build Up, Call Attention To, Champion, Contribute, Cooperate, Cry, Develop, Encourage, Endorse, Espouse, Forward, Foster, Further, Get Behind, Hype, Improve, Nourish, Nurture, Patronize, Plug, Popularize, Propagandize, Publicize, Puff, Push, Push For, Recommend, Sell, Serve, Speak For, Speed, Sponsor, Stimulate, Subsidize, Succor, Support, Uphold, Urge, Work For

Recognition: Acceptance, Acknowledging, Admission, Allowance, Apperception, Appreciation, Apprehending, Assimilation, Avowal, Awareness, Cognizance, Concession, Confession, Consciousness, Detection, Discovery, Double Take, High Sign, Identifying, Memory, Notice, Noticing, Perceiving, Perception, Realization, Recall, Recalling, Recognizance, Recollection, Recurrence, Remembering, Remembrance, Respect, Salute, Sensibility, Tumble, Understanding, Verifying

Respect: Account, Adoration, Appreciation, Approbation, Awe, Consideration, Courtesy, Deference, Dignity, Esteem, Estimation, Favor, Fear, Homage, Honor, Obeisance, Ovation, Recognition, Regard, Repute, Reverence, Testimonial, Tribute, Veneration, Worship

Sincerity: Artlessness, Bona Fides, Candor, Earnestness, Frankness, Genuineness, Good Faith, Goodwill, Guilelessness, Heart, Honor, Impartiality, Innocence, Justice, Openness, Probity, Reliability, Seriousness, Sincereness, Singleness, Trustworthiness, Truth, Truthfulness, Veracity, Wholeheartedness

Special: Appropriate, Best, Certain, Characteristic, Chief, Choice, Defined, Definite, Designated, Determinate, Different, Earmarked, Especial, Exceptional, Exclusive, Express, Extraordinary, Festive, First, Gala, Individual, Limited, Main, Major, Marked, Memorable, Momentous, Out Of The Ordinary, Particular, Peculiar, Personal, Primary, Proper, Rare, Red-Letter, Reserved, Restricted, Select, Set, Significant, Smashing, Sole, Specialized, Specific, Uncommon, Unique, Unreal, Unusual

Tribute: Accolade, Acknowledgment, Applause, Appreciation, Citation, Commendation, Compliment, Encomium, Esteem, Eulogy, Gift, Gratitude, Honor, Laudation, Memorial, Offering, Panegyric, Recognition, Recommendation, Respect, Salutation, Salvo

Thanks: Acknowledgment, Benediction, Blessing, Credit, Grace, Gratefulness, Gratitude, Praise, Recognition, Thankfulness, Thanksgiving

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